Monthly Archives: March 2017

Energy Storage – 023

Energy Storage Energy storage and power generation are two separate issues that appear to be getting muddled by politicians and journalists. For example hydro power is essentially energy from the sun and therefore renewable.  The solar energy lifts water into … Read More

Biofuel Crops – 022

Byogy Renewables announced recently that they are looking at setting up a $10 million test site to convert ethanol to gasoline. In Australia this could be from sugar cane or biomass from the grain industry and the site is likely … Read More

Biofuels – 021

I have just returned from a great month travelling in Far North Queensland, an area that is both very environmentally conscious and conservative. Bob Katter, a local MP is strongly pursuing an increase in ethanol production to improve the lot … Read More

Seismic -020

Seismic is essentially anything to do with the movement (vibration) of the earth. Tectonic plates float on the surface of the earth and are forever moving and crashing into each other. At the leading edge one plate is pushed under … Read More

Next Mining Boom – 019

Just to make it plain, I have no better understanding of whether we are headed for a boom or bust in any sector than anyone else. Booms, and busts will come from a complex interplay of politics, global consumer confidence, … Read More

Climate – 018

Do Nothing Case The IPCC documentation gives us a pretty good insight to possible scenarios. While the models may not be totally accurate and some things will be wrong ( it is never possible to accurately predict the distant future), … Read More

Geothermal -017

Geothermal is an energy source that does not originate from the sun (along with nuclear) although the sun probably helped originally. The majority of the planet is very hot, molten rock with a thin, cool, solid crust.  We can access … Read More

Wind – 016

Wind energy is another form of solar. The sun causes uneven heating across the earth’s surface, creating convection currents and pressure differences which result in air molecules flowing from high to low pressure regions. This is complicated by the earth’s … Read More

Hydro – 015

Heat from the sun evaporates vast amounts of water from the oceans which fall as rain and snow, creating large rivers and lakes. This process of evaporation creates potential energy when stored in lakes and kinetic energy in flowing rivers. … Read More

Greenhouse Gases – 014

We have discussed Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Methane (CH4) as major Green House Gases (GHGs). In addition to these two, Water Vapour (H2O) is a very major contributor. More minor inputs also from Nitrous Oxide (N20) and ozone.  Many other … Read More

Energy Mix – 013

An article in today’s paper suggested that South Australia would be powered by 100% renewable energy. As no time frame was given, this may be perfectly correct in some distant future.  But what is meant by the statement and how … Read More

Coal and CSG – 012

So, what is coal? When organic matter is laid down in a swamp and covered over it decomposes without oxygen (anaerobic) to form coal. Depending on the dominant type of organic matter, different macerals of coal will form (inertinite, exinite, … Read More