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Odds are Not Even – Maths 007

Get even by knowing the odds – or the odds will be against you. If I toss a well weighted coin in random conditions (ie no cheating) the probability of it falling heads or tails are half each way or … Read More

Water – Chemistry 101

Water – Chemistry 101 Dihydrogen oxide kills hundreds, if not thousands across the globe annually. It is also the most potent Green House Gas (GHG) we have. It is water of course and it sometimes gets a bad rap.  In … Read More

Series – Maths 006

Fibonacci Series Series turn up everywhere in the natural world, with one of the most famous being the Fibonacci series 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34….. You probably already know that each number is the sum of the previous 2 numbers. This can be written … Read More

Is there a limit? 005

Archimedes’ Pi Can we sit and meditate and think up all the maths there is? Potentially yes and some mathematicians have done a very good job. Mandalas are geometric patterns that are often used for meditation.  These are geometric patterns … Read More

Elegance and Visual Stimulation = Equations and Graphs – Maths 004

Knit one, pearl one is the start of a knitters algorithm. My mother loved to knit.  She could invent complex patterns in her head and knit them out to any size or shape you required. They were truly works of … Read More

Computer Games and Algorithms Maths – 003

(nothing to do with Al Gore’s Rhythm) Following instructions Maths is all about following instructions to the tee and that set of rules (or instructions or actions or recipe) is called an algorithm. Action computer games or apps are all … Read More

How the Universe Got its Mojo part 2 – Maths -002

Beauty of Maths Happy Pi day and Einstein’s birthday to boot. As I tried to make the point last time, maths, like music should be enjoyed for its beauty. It provides a description of the universe and an insight into … Read More

How the Universe Got its Mojo – Maths – 001

Numbers – one dimension Numbers and the things we can do to them (operations) make up maths. Their simplicity and amazing complexity can be used to think up a universe. Or put another way, the beauty and intricacy of the … Read More