Monthly Archives: March 2021

Australian Energy Needs

It was a bit sad to read that many South Aussies still want to push the Nuclear power option for South Australia when all evidence points to it being be a very expensive and unnecessary proposal. We do not have … Read More

Science vs Marketing – a Dilemma #andyfromscience

Science seeks the truth; marketing doesn’t care.  Experiments, mathematics and logic show whether something can be assumed as fact, and are the hallmark of science.  If a well-designed experiment is done, repeated numerous times and shows a certain result, then … Read More

Signs, Signs everywhere some Science

Lots of people have good ideas about how the world works, health tips and well being so why not listen to them?  I keep being asked why should you listen to what scientists have to say rather than charismatic figures.  … Read More

Two Be or not Two Be

There are two types of people – … Those who accomplish things and those who claim to accomplish things – (Mark Twain) … Those who finish what they start. … Those who believe there are two kinds of people and … Read More

Sublime Murder

Magnetic Reversal – Science or Science Fiction

The earth’s magnetic field is created by an internal dynamo of swirling magnetic material in its outer core.  Heat convection through this liquid mass of mostly iron is thought to create an electric current and an associated magnetic field which … Read More