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Rebecca Wragg Sykes has written a remarkable book about Neanderthals, sort of a scientific version of Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear. It is well worth a read for all geoscientists, plus any budding archeologists as geology, age dating … Read More

Thinking TIME

I think a thought Is ever so wrought By asinine explanations An action is sought To generate a thought Without any complications All that stuff about bats thinking in Time and the reality of UFOs got me thinking about thought.  … Read More

Unidentified False Objects

I am sitting in my backyard listening to a jet fighter somewhere overhead, easily identified by the earth-shattering noise as it breaks the speed of sound, sending air molecules flying in all directions.  At the same time, I am watching … Read More

Time for Geophysicists and Bats

Soft rock geophysicists map the Earth’s subsurface in Two Way Time, that is the time it takes for a seismic signal to reach a reflector from the surface and return again to a sensor.  Hard rock geophysicists use other processes … Read More

Anthony Hopkins Autistic

I was surprised to learn that Anthony Hopkins has had himself diagnosed as autistic.  Not that I should be. After all many famous people are autistic, it is just that I expect them to be from the sciences, particularly maths … Read More


Sustainability, now there is a good word.  It follows on easily from optimisation and is just as complex an issue. The easiest way to look at sustainability is to think of the world and what it might be like in … Read More

Optimisation – A Complex Algorithm

Someone recently suggested that we needed to remove carbon from the atmosphere, which got me thinking about the optimal CO2 level, and with it, optimal levels of all sorts of things – population, cattle, sheep, rice and materials of all … Read More

The McKinnon Institute

Prologue The constant drip, drip, drip was the worst.  Even the cold, the dark and the musty cave smell weren’t so bad once you got used to them.  Just no more drip, drip, drip … Chapter 1 “We would plough … Read More

Nuclear Batteries

I have written previously about nuclear power stations still relying on steam power to generate electricity.  While we have been able to provide the direct conversion of heat to electricity for sometime it has been highly inefficient running at about … Read More

The older the Better

I just enjoyed reading the Alchemy of US by Ainissa Ramirez, a good choice if you are interested in science communication.  In my view this is a great mix of science, history and an understanding of culture and how it … Read More

Australian Energy Needs

It was a bit sad to read that many South Aussies still want to push the Nuclear power option for South Australia when all evidence points to it being be a very expensive and unnecessary proposal. We do not have … Read More

Science vs Marketing – a Dilemma #andyfromscience

Science seeks the truth; marketing doesn’t care.  Experiments, mathematics and logic show whether something can be assumed as fact, and are the hallmark of science.  If a well-designed experiment is done, repeated numerous times and shows a certain result, then … Read More