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Signs, Signs everywhere some Science

Lots of people have good ideas about how the world works, health tips and well being so why not listen to them?  I keep being asked why should you listen to what scientists have to say rather than charismatic figures.  … Read More

Two Be or not Two Be

There are two types of people – … Those who accomplish things and those who claim to accomplish things – (Mark Twain) … Those who finish what they start. … Those who believe there are two kinds of people and … Read More

Sublime Murder

Magnetic Reversal – Science or Science Fiction

The earth’s magnetic field is created by an internal dynamo of swirling magnetic material in its outer core.  Heat convection through this liquid mass of mostly iron is thought to create an electric current and an associated magnetic field which … Read More


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Quantum Apple – Chapter 1

Third Novel in Ferg Series – unpublished My name is Simon Truscott, though most people just call me Ferg.  No, not that one, he was my great grandfather, the forensic geophysicist, or that’s what he liked to call himself.  He … Read More

Signs of a River – Chapter 1

Second Novel in Ferg Series – Now published as an ebook on Kindle “My turn, my turn,” screamed the excited children.  Little Pophi had not yet had a turn and so, with a little subtlety Mathema edged her to … Read More

Short Stories / Novels

I have been busy writing Novels and Short Stories of late with little time for blogging. The first Novel is published digitally on Kobo and Kindle as described under Novels, Sublime Murder Chapter 1 or under Get the Book. I … Read More


My materials blogs are about useful materials in the modern age. For the use of these to be sustainable we need to recycle as much as we can.  With China becoming more picky about what they will accept from us, … Read More


Copper has been used by humans for about 9000 years in its naturally occurring metal persona and has been smelted from ores in kilns for about 5000 years. Soon after that it was alloyed with tin and kick started the … Read More

Best thing since sliced bread – Plastic

(Not to be confused with short story of the same name published in the Feb 2019 edition of antisf magazine) Sliced bread dries out quicker and needs packaging to keep it fresh. The answer, that allowed sliced bread to take … Read More

Just call me Al – Materials -001

Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust after oxygen and silicon and is the most abundant metal. It has the chemical symbol Al.  Australia is the largest producer of aluminium ore, largely from its northern coast and … Read More

Virtual Power Plant

  South Australia’s planned Virtual Power Plant appears to be largely misunderstood, as these things always are. It is basically a system that creates an energy supply from solar and batteries which is tied together by software.  This allows the … Read More