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SA Elections – Energy (other) Part 3

Additional Energy So we have renewables with storage backed up by gas, but can we do better? Connect to Interstate We currently have two electricity interconnectors to Victoria (Heywood and Murraylands) and these were a major part of the breakdown … Read More

SA Elections – Energy (Renewables) Part 2

  So we only produce small amount of oil and have to import it, we have no good quality, easily accessible coal but we have plenty of gas. Why don’t we just use gas for everything?  We could generate electricity, … Read More

SA Elections – Energy (Fossil Fuels) Part 1

With the elections coming up in South Australia, energy issues are a big ticket item with politics obfuscating informed knowledge. I will attempt a non-political review of the options for SA and their pros and cons.  Many of the basics … Read More

Virtual Power Plant

  South Australia’s planned Virtual Power Plant appears to be largely misunderstood, as these things always are. It is basically a system that creates an energy supply from solar and batteries which is tied together by software.  This allows the … Read More

Sublime Murder – Chapter 1

To purchase ebook go to Kindle or Kobo site Chapter 1 The Mount “I was told that you are a seismologist. So then, how did you get into forensics?” Ferg thought about it for a minute and answered in his … Read More

Nuclear(Con)fusion – 024

Just over a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein came up with the notion that mass and energy are equivalent in his theory of Special Relativity. About twenty years later the idea that the sun was a nuclear reactor and provided … Read More

Are logs natural? – Maths 009

If you start with 1 dollar and compound it with 100% continuous annual growth for 3 years, how much would you have? Complex Space and Euler’s Identity We ended up in a pretty strange place last time. It’s a bit … Read More

Dimensions and Domains – 008

Which has the largest land area out of DR Congo, Greenland and Saudi Arabia? They are in order of size with Congo the largest, but all three are similar.  Why don’t our maps seem to show that – read on. Can we … Read More

Odds are Not Even – Maths 007

Get even by knowing the odds – or the odds will be against you. If I toss a well weighted coin in random conditions (ie no cheating) the probability of it falling heads or tails are half each way or … Read More

Water – Chemistry 101

Water – Chemistry 101 Dihydrogen oxide kills hundreds, if not thousands across the globe annually. It is also the most potent Green House Gas (GHG) we have. It is water of course and it sometimes gets a bad rap.  In … Read More