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Magnetic Reversal – Science or Science Fiction

The earth’s magnetic field is created by an internal dynamo of swirling magnetic material in its outer core.  Heat convection through this liquid mass of mostly iron is thought to create an electric current and an associated magnetic field which … Read More

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Seismic -020

Seismic is essentially anything to do with the movement (vibration) of the earth. Tectonic plates float on the surface of the earth and are forever moving and crashing into each other. At the leading edge one plate is pushed under … Read More

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Climate – 018

Do Nothing Case The IPCC documentation gives us a pretty good insight to possible scenarios. While the models may not be totally accurate and some things will be wrong ( it is never possible to accurately predict the distant future), … Read More

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Greenhouse Gases – 014

We have discussed Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Methane (CH4) as major Green House Gases (GHGs). In addition to these two, Water Vapour (H2O) is a very major contributor. More minor inputs also from Nitrous Oxide (N20) and ozone.  Many other … Read More

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Carbon Dioxide – 009

We just looked at hydrogen gas, so let’s continue with the gas theme and look at carbon dioxide (CO2). As we have seen it is essential to life as part of the carbon cycle.  Plants can not grow without CO2. … Read More

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Measurement and Models – 006

As I suggested in the first blog, if it can’t be measured then energy does not exist (as far as science is concerned).  It’s important to distinguish the stuff that has been measured to some degree of accuracy, the stuff … Read More

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