Next Mining Boom – 019

Just to make it plain, I have no better understanding of whether we are headed for a boom or bust in any sector than anyone else. Booms, and busts will come from a complex interplay of politics, global consumer confidence, … Read More

Coal and CSG – 012

So, what is coal? When organic matter is laid down in a swamp and covered over it decomposes without oxygen (anaerobic) to form coal. Depending on the dominant type of organic matter, different macerals of coal will form (inertinite, exinite, … Read More

Oil and Gas Drilling – 011

So how do we find oil and gas ?  First, lets stick to conventional sandstone (coarse grained) sediments and dry gas.  These are perhaps the simplest after water wells. Water Wells Oil and gas drilling used the technology available from … Read More

Basic Energy Theory – Energy – 001

I will try my hand at a basic science blog tackling complex and controversial issues like Energy and Climate. As a practicing Geophysicist I have had plenty of exposure to these areas. My basic tenet is to be as even … Read More