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SA Elections Energy (Party Policies) part 4

Government Policies First of all, a couple of new questions. What about geothermal, wave energy, hydrogen etc and the regular one, is coal cheaper than wind? Geothermal has not proved effective in SA, despite many attempts and hundreds of millions … Read More

SA Elections – Energy (Fossil Fuels) Part 1

With the elections coming up in South Australia, energy issues are a big ticket item with politics obfuscating informed knowledge. I will attempt a non-political review of the options for SA and their pros and cons.  Many of the basics … Read More

Virtual Power Plant

  South Australia’s planned Virtual Power Plant appears to be largely misunderstood, as these things always are. It is basically a system that creates an energy supply from solar and batteries which is tied together by software.  This allows the … Read More

Hydrocarbons – 005

Hydrocarbons – What are they? As discussed in blog 3 solar energy, water and carbon dioxide create carbohydrates by photosynthesis in plants.  Animals eat the plants creating more complex carbohydrates (carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules). When these decay without oxygen … Read More