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SA Elections – Final week summary – Part 6

So Who is doing What? Nuclear Fission Conservatives support it but no one else in SA. It is not a short term solution and highly likely to be a lot more expensive than other generation or superseded by nuclear fusion. … Read More

SA Elections – Energy (Renewables) Part 2

  So we only produce small amount of oil and have to import it, we have no good quality, easily accessible coal but we have plenty of gas. Why don’t we just use gas for everything?  We could generate electricity, … Read More

Energy Storage – 023

Energy Storage Energy storage and power generation are two separate issues that appear to be getting muddled by politicians and journalists. For example hydro power is essentially energy from the sun and therefore renewable.  The solar energy lifts water into … Read More

Hydro – 015

Heat from the sun evaporates vast amounts of water from the oceans which fall as rain and snow, creating large rivers and lakes. This process of evaporation creates potential energy when stored in lakes and kinetic energy in flowing rivers. … Read More