solar energy

SA Elections – Energy (Renewables) Part 2

  So we only produce small amount of oil and have to import it, we have no good quality, easily accessible coal but we have plenty of gas. Why don’t we just use gas for everything?  We could generate electricity, … Read More

Solar part 2 and Nuclear waste- 004

Nuclear Waste The International Panel on Fissile Materials has stated that “placing spent nuclear fuel in repositories hundreds of metres below the surface would be safer than indefinite storage on the surface”.  Many countries have come up with experimental test … Read More

Solar Energy – 003

Basics Solar energy is the best stuff we have. We can use it directly at little cost for heating and drying and we obviously should whenever this is possible. Avoid artificial clothes dryers and organise building to effectively use the sun.  We … Read More

Basic Energy Theory – Energy – 001

I will try my hand at a basic science blog tackling complex and controversial issues like Energy and Climate. As a practicing Geophysicist I have had plenty of exposure to these areas. My basic tenet is to be as even … Read More